ROC critical situation for COVID-19


ROC, like many other industrial companies in the world, is dealing with the unexpected critical situation due to COVID-19 and intends to do so with the full commitment and respect of the decrees issued by the Government in the last few days.


Our operations are partially working and just the fundamental and limited company functions are guaranteed.


Our production plant for now continues to be suspended until May 3;

we will take care of restarting it in full compliance with current health regulations .


Other departments, like the machinery shipping department, the production and shipping parts department and the secretariat office remain partially open and we are working every day to continue to guarantee the best possible service in this si tuation. The capacity of those departments is reduced; therefore, we want to inform you that there may be a slowdown in the preparation of orders and shipments.

Unwillingly the machines you ordered will be inevitably subject to delays due to the temporary suspension of our production department, but we would like to inform you that all the necessary material for the manufacture of the machines on order is already at our factory, there for won’t depend on any delay concerning the supply of components.


Transports are also working slowly, due to capacity constraint and border controls.

Telephone lines are active, but again, we have to ask for your help: let’s use a written communication by email , we will always strive to give you feedback as soon as possible.

We will take care of up dating you if new directives change the current situation.


Trusting in your understanding, we want to thank all of our customers for their cooperation in this critical time.


Let’ s keep hope alive on these darkest days.

Best Regards

ROC Management