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The “ROC System” is a new system conceived for game safeguard. It prevents all the eventual accidents involving wild animals. The “ROC System” is very effective against dears of different sizes, birds etc. Its usefulness concerns several sectors such as industry and forests and even homes and properties.

Agriculture and Forests:
It protects the following: game and equipment during harvesting and vintaging, vegetable garden, orchard and young plantation.

It protects the following: airports from birds, cars from accidents’ risks involving wild animals, car race and tests circuits as well as technical systems.

Technical data:
Operative voltage:12 VDC;
Electric energy consumption: ca. 80 mA;
Capacity: 800 mm max. by optimal climatic and topographic conditions;
Reflected ray: 90 °;
Protecting wrap: Protects from water splashes.

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