Our company, born in 1996, produces professional agricultural machinery for forage dehydration plants, biomass and biogas plants as well as big farms specialized in hay, silage and straw production. Family business, well motivated by passion and ingeniousness, Roc has considerably developed in the last years thanks to its reliability and quality, becoming well know all over the world.

Roc has two main seats covering a total surface of 10.000 m2, including the offices, the shop, the production section and the research and development department. The high automation level is guaranteed by the modern numerical control robotic machines, that make every manufacture professional, accurate and complete in any detail. The design, planning and fulfillment of our products is completely made inside the company, in order to follow the production in every detail – material point for our professional customers requiring high reliability. Our products are built with the best materials now on the market, in oder to guarantee high quality and long duration, such as chrome steel, stainless steel, Hardox and special plastic leagues.

Roc is a reliable and precise partner, that has taken advantage of its many years’ experience, becoming today a solid and proud industrial reality. Thanks to these features ROC has made its products the most common among the European dehydration plants and be present with its product in 38 countries..

Our motto is: “we aren’t pleased with the construction of a good product, we want to build the best one”.