RT 760

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The Continuous Merger ROC RT 760 is composed of 2 elements, distant 1,6 m (5′ 2») one from the other, it has a working width of 7,6 m (24′ 11») and a pick up width of 6 m (19′ 6»). This model can discharge the crop of the two belts in the middle, or one on the left and one on the right or one in the middle and one on one side. The RT 760 is like the RT 870, but with no pick up and no belt in the central part and it’s also equipped with Trelleborg tyres 400/55 R22,5. This version can work only with the two opened elements and it can be folded up for transport reaching a transport width of 2,55 m (8′ 2»).

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